Monday, December 29, 2008

2 DaysTill The End Of 2008

We were lucky to have had so much snow for Christmas this year. Son wanted to be home for a "white" Christmas....the weather was wicked.... below zero temps....minus wind chill temps and snow pretty much everyday he was here. His wish was granted.... but we "told" him not to wish this weather again for next year.

His GF was visiting us also her 1st experience with cold weather ever....sorry it was quite the experience. She was huddled by the fireplace with a roaring fire going and hardly wanted to go outside. This is what we in the "North" pretty much have to put up with for 4 or 5 maybe 6 months at a time. Don't figure.... they go home and the snow melts and we have thunder storms and sunny days. Who would have thought that.

Now we have New Years Eve approaching and our weather is suppose to turn cold again. It sure is a weird winter. I just killed a fly outside today. A fly you say....yes a fly..... what does that mean? A short winter and maybe spring is on it's way.... like next week? I doubt that.... most likely it's going to be a very long, cold rest of the winter....but the fly thing is a mystery....

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Sixsisters said...

Chirs I don't know how you do those winters !!!